When it comes to commercial plumbing, there always seems to be something that your building could use. Whether you’ve added more employees and the bathroom demand has risen, or you have a kitchen or break room area that hasn’t been updated since the 1970s, Spartan Services in Tacoma is here to help you with all your plumbing needs. No matter what you want to add or upgrade, our expert team can take care of it all. Contact us today to learn more!

New Sinks

If you run a restaurant or cafe, then your biggest need may be sinks and drain lines. You have an industrial dishwasher that takes care of cleaning all the dishes, but you likely still have big stainless steel basin sinks for other cleaning duties.

If the sinks are outdated, or you need to expand your kitchen and therefore add more drain lines, then we can help. We’ll work with you on your new layout, explaining the best way to add water supply and drain lines, and we’ll connect your sinks so that they work great for years to come.

More Toilets

Is the number one complaint that you get as a manager is that there aren’t enough urinals or stalls in the employee bathrooms? Perhaps you’ve grown in number of employees but not in building size, and the number of toilets in your office isn’t enough for the people who need to use them on a daily basis.

If there’s space to add a new bathroom or to expand the one or two you already have, then we can take care of installing your new toilets and/or urinals. We know that you want your employees to be comfortable, and having enough toilets can be a big part of that comfort.

A Customer Bathroom

For many storefronts and retail establishments, business owners aren’t able to offer a customer bathroom. There may be an employee bathroom that paying customers are allowed to use, but it’s small and at the back of the building.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a customer bathroom that’s more accessible, then we would love to help. We can update the bathroom you have, or install a sink and toilet in a new part of your store.

The Hospitality Industry

Perhaps you don’t own a restaurant or a retail store, where number of sinks and toilets can be an issue. Perhaps you own a hotel or bed and breakfast where people come to stay for multiple nights. When it comes to the hospitality industry, plumbing can play a very important role. Your guests expect to have clean, well-functioning sinks, toilets, and tubs, and if there are issues, a dissatisfied customer could leave a negative review. This review, along with word of mouth, could have a serious impact on your business.

If your hospitality venue is located in an older home or commercial building, then let Spartan help you with new plumbing options. The supply and drain lines may need to be replaced, along with the fixtures and faucets. A new tub, sink, and toilet in each guest room can go a long way in keeping your guests happy and comfortable.

Get Started Today

When you’re looking for commercial plumbing services in Tacoma, we hope that you’ll give us a call to see how we can help you. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have about pipe replacement, installation, and much more. We can also provide you with a fair and honest quote on what it will take to complete your plumbing job. We charge a flat rate, and our prices are very competitive within the local market.

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