Spring is a wonderful time in the Tacoma area, and as a homeowner, you might be thinking about the projects you want to complete this season. On top of the traditional spring cleaning, you might be planning to rearrange the master bedroom, paint the guest room, or find new furniture for the living room. However, at the top of many people’s lists for spring and summer is renovating or adding a room that they’ve wanted for many years. If that room is an additional bathroom, then Spartan Services is here to help!

Copper or PEX?

When it comes time to choose plumbing for a new bathroom, the two best choices for supply lines are PEX and copper piping. With our repiping services, we can connect your new plumbing to the existing system and make sure that there are proper flow and pressure in each line.

PEX is an extremely durable option for home plumbing, and copper can last for many, many years. Our team will gladly help you decide which one is best for your home, or we can potentially use both materials!

Connecting New Fixtures

Perhaps you spent time this past winter looking at vanities, toilets, tubs, and showers for your new bathroom. You may have already ordered them or picked them up from your local home goods or hardware store. If they’re in place in your new bathroom, then we’ll take care of connecting your new plumbing to every faucet and valve.

Once the plumbing is connected to all of the fixtures, we’ll test each one for proper operation. For the sink in the vanity, we’ll want to see if the hot and cold water are mixing properly, and we’ll check for any leaks or loose connections. We’ll do the same for the tub and/or shower, and we’ll check to see if the toilet tank is filling as it should.

Draining Your New Bathroom

An important aspect to keep in mind when adding a bathroom this spring is how you’re going to drain it. The supply lines can be added to your existing plumbing system, and the same will have to be done with the new drain lines. These will have to go into the floor of the new bathroom, and if the room is on the first floor, then we’ll add drain lines in the basement.

If the bathroom is on one of the upper floors, then we’ll add the drains underneath the floor, which will require some drilling. We’ll need to make sure that the drain lines are secure, and that they’re able to drain with the help of gravity. We’ll also properly vent each drain line to ensure that they meet local building codes.

Get Started Today

If you’ve put off your bathroom addition for a few years, or you’ve been waiting eagerly all winter to get started, then contact Spartan today to see how our professional plumbing services can benefit you. We’re proud to serve the people of Tacoma and the surrounding area, and we look forward to tackling your project.

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