Even though the Tacoma area receives quite a bit of rainfall during the year, there are still times when you need to water your lawn with an exterior hose. You may also use your hose to wash your car, clean off the driveway, or for another outdoor project. However, if you have a garden hose that’s attached to the side of your house, you know how important it is to drain it each fall and winterize the spigot and bibb before cold weather arrives.

What if you had a hose and an outdoor connection that didn’t freeze or leak? At Spartan Services, we’re proud to offer the Aquor House Hydrant, a revolutionary new product that will change how you use your exterior water supply.

Fast and Easy Connection

One of the most frustrating things about connecting a garden hose is threading it onto the spigot that’s attached to your house. If the spigot or bibb is loose, or the threads are dirty, it can take several attempts before you’re able to attach the hose successfully. Even once you have the hose attached, it may not be a tight connection, which can lead to leaks and drips. With an Aquor hydrant, the connection is fast and easy, and the high-performance O-rings create a tight seal.


No Worry About Freezing

One thing every homeowner has to deal with each winter is draining their garden hoses and freeze-proofing their outdoor spigots. With the Aquor hydrant, all you have to do is disconnect the hose and put it away. The hydrant self-drains to prevent freezing, and the backflow prevention system keeps water from leaking out. Once spring arrives, all you have to do is reconnect the hose, and since the system is under full pressure at all times, you have water on demand whenever you need it!

If you’re interested in adding an Aquor hydrant and hose to your house, contact Spartan Services today. We’ll gladly explain all the benefits and can install your new system in no time!