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Bathroom Plumbing and Remodeling

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Ideas for Your Bathroom
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You use your bathroom every single day,

and if it’s becoming harder and harder to use the space because of outdated fixtures or plumbing, Spartan Plumbing Services in Tacoma is here to help. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, we can help you with new plumbing installation, room layout, and fixture selection. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about updating your bathroom for years, and you don’t want to wait any longer. Give us a call today and we’ll help you get started!

Ideas for Your Bathroom

You likely have a number of ideas for your bathroom, especially when it comes to the layout and what fixtures you want. You may have even drawn out ideas of how you envision your new bathroom and where everything will be located. We can take these ideas and drawings and put them to use when working on your new bathroom plumbing.

New Layout

One of the biggest challenges homeowners can face is a bad layout in their bathroom. Perhaps the toilet is too close to the sink, or the shower stall is small and squeezed into the corner. Maybe the door swings inwards and hits the edge of the vanity. Whatever the case may be, coming up with a new layout and adding new piping can be the quickest way to improve both the comfort and functionality of your bathroom.

New Plumbing Options

As your local plumber, our goal is to make sure your bathroom has faucets and taps that work, as well as drains that successfully carry wastewater into your sewer system. When it comes to new plumbing options, we can install the supply and drain lines that will make your new layout function beautifully!

One of the most popular upgrades when remodeling a bathroom is replacing a single vanity with a double vanity. Perhaps you and your significant other have been sharing a sink for years, and you’re ready to have your own space. New sinks can do wonders for personal hygiene in the morning and evening, as well as when you’re trying to rush out the door and both of you need the sink and the mirror. Adding a second sink will require new plumbing, of course, with hot and cold taps for each fixture. Our team can take care of that, and if you have concerns about there being enough water pressure or the correct water temperature, we can address those concerns as well.

Every bathroom needs a working toilet, and while you can get by with one that doesn’t fill quickly or always flush properly, it can become very frustrating when the toilet refuses to work at all. If your current toilet never shuts off or never seems to carry waste away like it should, why not replace it during your remodel? We can make sure everything is installed correctly so that when someone has to use the toilet, there’s no worry about flushing, overflowing, or other issues.

When it comes to installing a new shower, everyone has ideas on what their ideal setup would be. You may simply want a new shower with adequate pressure and temperature, or you may want something elaborate that contains multiple jets, a rainfall showerhead, and more. Whatever the case may be, we’ll install the supply lines that carry water to each tap, nozzle, and jet, as well as a new drain that carries water away after each refreshing shower you take.

A new bathtub is a must-have for nearly every homeowner, especially if they’ve had a shower/tub combo for the past 20 years. A new layout might allow for a separate bathtub, and if that’s the case, we’ll pipe everything in so that you can enjoy a nice, long soak whenever you want. If you have young kids and only one bathroom, then having a new tub can be a great benefit, since showering isn’t always conducive to keeping them clean and healthy.

Your Remodeling Timeline

As with any remodel, such as your kitchen, every project has a tentative timeline. You might be ready to get started on your bathroom renovations tomorrow, or you might still be in the planning stages and not sure when you’ll be ready to begin. At Spartan Plumbing Services, we’re happy to speak with you whenever is best for you, whether that’s today or three months from now.

Family Plumbers

Six Months to a Year

Copper can be a particularly expensive material, but the benefits should far outweigh the cost. When it comes to copper piping, you can expect to pay between $3 to $8 per linear foot. This means that if you have 2,000 linear feet of copper piping installed during your repipe, then the cost should fall between $6,000 and $16,000 dollars. This price is for your water supply lines; should you want to replace old drain, waste, and vent pipes, the cost is usually $13 to $15 per linear foot. Our team can give you a fair estimate on what your project will cost when you call.

More Than a Year

For bathroom remodels that are still about a year away, you’re likely still forming your ideas on what you want for your space. You may also be thinking about updating more than one bathroom, which means you want to make sure you have everything in line, in terms of budget, before you begin. It can also be better to stagger multiple bathroom upgrades, simply so you still have a bathroom you can use, whether that’s the master bath, guest bath, or powder room.

Six Months to a Year

If you’re six months to a year from wanting your bathroom remodeled, now is the time to talk to a professional plumber. You know what you want in terms of new piping, drains, and fixtures, you just need to figure out where to start. We can provide insight on the best approach, and once you’re ready to go, we can get started on removing old pipes and installing copper or PEX piping that will serve you for years to come.

Bathroom Plumbing remodel

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