The kitchen is the heart of your home, where people gather to converse, cook delicious food, and spend quality time together. If you’ve always wanted a dream kitchen and have plans to renovate in the near future, let Spartan Services in Tacoma provide you with exceptional plumbing and repiping. A kitchen can’t be functional and comfortable without the proper plumbing, and we can handle projects of any scale!

Sink and Disposal Plumbing

When you’re in the kitchen, you spend most of your time at either the stove or the sink. When you’re done cooking there are dishes to be washed, and if you have pans and utensils that can’t be put in the dishwasher, you need a sink with proper water pressure and drainage. If your remodel includes a new sink, let Spartan add new supply and drain lines to your kitchen. You might be updating from a single basin to a double basin, and therefore need a split drain to connect to the main drain. Our experienced plumbers will make sure the pipes, traps, and other important components are included. If you’re adding a kitchen island and want a small vegetable sink and faucet included, we’ll integrate the new piping into your existing plumbing.

Dishwasher Plumbing

Most modern homes have dishwashers, but if your home is old enough, there might not be plumbing for the appliance. If not, we can add the proper piping so you can enjoy the convenience of clean dishes every single day! If you have a dishwasher but want it in a different spot in your new kitchen, we can reroute and repipe your plumbing to accommodate your redesign. A well-functioning kitchen has a proper flow, and a dishwasher in the wrong spot can interrupt that flow.

If you need new plumbing for your kitchen remodel, contact Spartan Services today!