Your sewer system is an important part of your plumbing, and when something goes wrong with it, it’s good to have an expert team that can take care of the problem. However, if the line is blocked or you’re not sure where it runs underneath your yard, you’ll need to determine its location before work can begin. At Spartan Services in Tacoma, we can provide sewer line locating when you need it most.

Fast Service

Sewer problems can happen at any time, and the longer you let it sit, the worse the issue can become. We offer sewer camera inspections, but if there’s a blockage or obstruction, we may need to locate the line from above ground in order to proceed with repairs. You may be thinking about completely replacing your sewer system, and knowing where the current line runs and what the potential obstructions are can help you make the right decision regarding your property. No matter what you need, you can rely on Spartan to provide fast and professional service every time.

The Latest Technology

New technology has given plumbing and drain specialists a boost when it comes to locating a sewer line. If you’re interested in learning where your line connects with the municipality’s system under the street, you don’t have to go to the town planning office and ask for a map – we can pinpoint the location quickly using the latest tools and equipment.

If your sewer line is giving you issues, or you’re thinking about replacing the entire system, contact us in Tacoma today. We pride ourselves on our prompt and friendly service, and we can schedule a time that works for you.

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