Every home has some type of water heater, be it a traditional tank model, a new tankless option, or a hybrid system. Most homes in the Tacoma area still have a standard water heater, complete with a tank that holds several gallons of water that can be distributed throughout the house when needed. However, many homeowners are beginning to discover the benefit of new water heater models, such as tankless and hybrid systems. At Spartan Services, we can install and repair any type of water heater, so when you need an experienced plumber, give us a call!

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Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike traditional water heaters with a tank, tankless models don’t store hot water, but heat the water as it is needed. Using gas or electricity, the tankless system heats the water as it passes through and distributes it to where it needs to go. This on-demand water heating can be more energy efficient than a traditional model, and our team members can help you decide if a tankless option is right for your house.

Electric Water Heaters

If you’d rather stick with a standard water heater, an electric model may be the best choice. You may need a new water heater, but don’t want to install a tankless model, and an electric appliance could be the most cost-effective choice. There are several energy-efficient options on the market, and we can help you pick the best one for your home.

Gas Water Heaters

When choosing a new gas water heater, there are two options to pick from – natural gas and propane. If you have an outdated water heater that currently uses your natural gas line for fuel, it can make the most sense to simply install a new gas model. If you’d rather switch to propane, we can discuss all of your model options.

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