Mark rescued us once again! Sewage was starting to back up into the basement, and our line was clogged -our ancient 20’s era sewer clogged like clockwork every year – from roots and age. We’d call Spartan and ask for Mark. This time Mark gave us a discount for always asking for him, for multiple uses. It was only 250.00 this time!. *Normally, it’s a 350.00 job, or 325.00 for Angie’s members. Thanks, Mark!

Mark was again, our hero. Sewer backed up, sludge in basement. We asked for Mark by name after the first time – with our 20’s home, sewer clogging was almost a yearly event. We’re getting the sewer replaced this summer, because our sewer is a shared sewer and the neighbors and us can split part of the expense. But for an emergency sewage back up Call Mark! I mean call Spartan, and then ask for Mark! For any plumbing needs, Spartan is a family owned business with long term employees, and communications are excellent. Highest recommendation.