Mason McCleary came to my house last Thursday to give me a bid on re-piping my house. Spartan was the third company to come out.

I have galvanized pipes and two of my three showers had such low flow that we couldn’t use them. Mason was the only person who said before I re-piped, I should replace the ball valves in the shower handles as that might be the issue.

On Friday, I bought two valves at about $15.00 each and replaced them. That completely solved my problem.

I am very impressed with his honesty and integrity in telling me this as the first two companies didn’t mention it at all but also told me that when they re-piped, they would change all my valves as part of the project.

I was going to go ahead and have my house re-piped after my third bid at a cost of about $10,000.00 or more.

I am so grateful that I don’t have to. If I ever need any plumbing, you can bet I will call Spartan first. I will also tell my friends and neighbors what happened and recommend your company.

Ken H.